Automobile Racing

Esckilsen, Erik
The Outside Groove
JUV E77.ogYA
Tired of having her own accomplishments ignored, high school senior Casey, sister of the town's stock car racing champion, becomes the local track's first female driver and discovers that there is more to winning than crossing the finish line first.  2006.

Lipsyte, Robert
Yellow Flag
When seventeen-year-old Kyle reluctantly succumbs to family pressure and replaces his injured brother in the family racecar, he struggles to keep up with his trumpet playing while deciding how he can continue making music with a brass quintet and headlines as a Nascar racer. 2007.



Crutcher, Chris
The Crazy Horse Electric Game
JUV C888.cYA
A high school athlete, frustrated at being handicapped after an accident, runs away from home and is helped back to mental and physical health by a black benefactor and the people in a special school where he enrolls. 1987.

Deuker, Carl
Heart of a Champion
JUV D 4867.hYA
Seth faces a strain on his friendship with Jimmy, who is both a baseball champion and something of an irresponsible fool, when Jimmy is kicked off the team. 1993.

Deuker, Carl
High Heat
JUV D4867.hiYA
When sophomore Shane Hunter's father is arrested for money laundering at his Lexus dealership, the star pitcher's life of affluence and private school begins to fall apart. 2003.

Garfield, Henry
Tartabull's Throw
In 1967 an encounter with a mysterious young woman from Maine involves a nineteen-year-old baseball player in an investigation of a vicious, murderous werewolf. 2001.

Gratz, Alan
Samurai Shortstop
While obtaining a Western education at a prestigious Japanese boarding school in 1890, sixteen-year-old Toyo also receives traditional samurai training which has profound effects on both his baseball game and his relationship with his father.  2006.

Jenkins, A. M.
Out of Order
JUV J4113.oYA
When his girlfriend dumps him and his mother threatens to take away his one passion of playing baseball due to his failing grades, Colt Trammel has six weeks to get his life back on track and prove his worth to all. 2003.

Johnson, Scott
Safe at Second
JUV J636.sYA
Paulie Lockwood's best friend Todd Bannister is destined for the major leagues until a line drive to the head causes him to lose an eye and they both must find a new future for themselves. 1999.

King, Stephen
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
JUV K5876.gYA
Lost in the Maine woods, a nine-year-old girl keeps hope alive by listening to Red Sox pitcher Tom Gordon on her walkman radio while the sun sets and a dangerous stalker draws nearer. 1999.

Koertge, Ronald
Shakespeare Bats Cleanup
JUV K8189.shYA
When a fourteen-year-old baseball player catches mononucleosis, he discovers that keeping a journal and experimenting with poetry not only helps fill the time, it also helps him deal with life, love, and loss. 2003.

Lipsyte, Robert
Center Field
JUV L67.ceYA
Mike lives for baseball and hopes to follow his idol into the major leagues one day, but he is distracted by a new player who might take his place in center field, an ankle injury, problems at home, and a growing awareness that something sinister is happening at school.  2010.

Lupica, Mike
JUV L9724.hYA
Pitching prodigy Michael Arroyo is on the run from social services after being banned from playing Little League baseball because rival coaches doubt he is only twelve years old and he has no parents to offer them proof. 2006.


Lupica, Mike
The Only Game (A Home Team Novel)
JUV L9724.o YA
Sixth grade is supposed to be the year that Jack Callahan would lead his team to a record-shattering season and the Little League World Series, but after the death of his brother he loses interest in baseball and only Cassie, star of the girls' softball team, seems to understand.  2015.

Lynch, Chris
Gold Dust
JUV L9835.g
In 1975, twelve-year-old Richard befriends Napoleon, a Caribbean newcomer to his Catholic school, hoping that Napolean will learn to love baseball and the Red Sox, and will win acceptance in the racially polarized Boston school. 2000

Murphy, Claire Rudolf
Free Radical
JUV M949.fYA
In Fairbanks, Alaska, in the middle of the summer Little League baseball season, fifteen-year-old Luke is stunned when his mother confesses that she is wanted by the FBI for her role in the death of a student during an anti-Vietnam War protest thirty years ago. 2002.

Peck, Robert Newton
Extra Innings
JUV P332.eYA
After a tragic airplane crash that claims the lives of most of his family, sixteen-year-old Tate goes to live with his wealthy great-grandfather and his adopted Black great-aunt Vidalia and he finds unexpected solace in the stories of her childhood spent traveling with a Depression-era Negro baseball team. 2001.

Turner, Ann Warren
Hard Hit
JUV T854.h
A rising high school baseball star faces his most difficult challenge when his father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. 2006.
Weaver, Will

Farm Team
JUV W3767.fYA
With his father in jail and his mother working full-time, fourteen-year-old Billy Baggs finds himself in charge of running the family farm in northern Minnesota and having to give up the thing he loves most, baseball. 1999.




Averett, Edward
The Rhyming Season
JUV A9423.r YA
Brenda Jacobsen, a senior basketball player shoulders the hopes of a dying mill town and her bereaved family when she and an eccentric English teacher/coach try to lead their team to state basketball history.  2005.

Bennett, James
Blue Star Rapture
JUV B43485.b
While attending a high-profile basketball camp, T.J. begins to re-think both his motivations and his actions in guiding his learning-disabled but athletically-gifted friend through the college recruitment process.  1998.

Bennett, James
The Squared Circle
JUV B43485.sYA
Sonny, a university freshman and star basketball player, finds that the pressures of college life, NCAA competition, and an unsettling relationship with his feminist cousin bring up painful memories that he must face before he can decide what is important in his life.  1995.


Feinstein, John
Foul Trouble
JUV F334.f YA
College recruiters are clambering to sign up Terrell Jamerson, the #1 high school basketball player in the country. But not all of these recruiters are straight shooters, and Terrell will have to think fast if he wants to stay in the game.  2013.

Krech, Bob
JUV K872.rYA
Brenda Jacobsen, a senior basketball-player shoulders the hopes of a dying mill town and her bereaved family when she and an eccentric English-teacher/coach try to lead their team to state basketball history. 2006.

Lupica, Mike
Summer Ball
JUV L9724.s
Thirteen-year-old Danny must prove himself all over again for a disapproving coach and against new rivals at a summer basketball camp.  2007.

Myers, Walter Dean
JUV M995.gaYA
If Harlem high school senior Drew Lawson is going to realize his dream of playing college, then professional, basketball, he will have to improve at being coached and being a team player, especially after a new white student threatens to take the scouts' attention away from him. 2008. 

Pena, Matt de la
Ball Don't Lie
JUV P3694.bYA
Seventeen-year-old Sticky lives for basketball and plays at school and at the Lincoln Rec Center in Los Angeles but he is unaware of the many dangers, including his own past, that threaten his dream of playing professionally.  2005.

Sitomer, Alan Lawrence
The Hoopster
JUV S6232.hYA
Andre Anderson, an African-American teenager who loves to play basketball, is happy about his summer internship at a magazine, but his life is unexpectedly changed by a random act of violence. 2005.

Sweeney, Joyce
JUV S974.p
Eighteen-year-old Corey sees a threat to his dream of winning the basketball championship when he discovers that the new player on his team is a girl-stealing, friend-framing, team-destroying force of evil.  2000.

Trueman, Terry
Cruise Control
JUV T76537.cYA
A talented basketball player struggles to deal with the helplessness and anger that come with having a brother rendered completely dysfunctional by severe cerebral palsy and a father who deserted the family.  2004.

Volponi, Paul
Black and White
Two star high school basketball players, one black and one white, experience the justice system differently after committing a crime together and getting caught.  2005.

Wallace, Rich
Playing Without the Ball
JUV W153.pYA
Feeling abandoned by his parents, who have gone their separate ways and left him behind in a small Pennsylvania town, seventeen-year-old Jay finds hope for the future in a church-sponsored basketball team and a female friend.  2000.

Waltman, Kevin
Learning the Game
JUV W1723.lYA
When he and his high-school basketball teammates steal from a fraternity house in their small Indiana town, Nate contends with his guilt, his loyalty to his friends, and his desire to help his older brother who comes under suspicion for the crime. 2005.

Yep, Laurence
Dragon Road
JUV Y412.drrYA
In 1939, unable to find regular jobs because of the Great Depression, long-time friends Cal Chin and Barney Young tour the country as members of a Chinese American basketball team. 2008.




Courtenay, Bryce
The Power of One
JUV C8348.pYA
Growing up in South Africa during the apartheid era, young Peekay understood at an early age that learning English well would be an asset in his later years and so, despite growing up to be the welterweight champion of the world, used the power of his words to make the changes he deemed important when just the right moment presented itself. 2005.

Karr, Kathleen
The Boxer
JUV K1524.bYA
Having learned how to box while in prison, fifteen-year-old Johnny Woods sets out to discover if he can make a decent living as a fighter in late nineteenth-century New York City. 2000.

Saldana, Jr., Rene
The Whole Sky Full of Stars
JUV S16346.wYA
Best friends for years, Barry turns to Alby for support when his father dies and leaves him to struggle on his own, but when Alby gets into trouble because of a gambling debt, desperation takes over and Alby's plan to help may end up getting his best friend hurt in the process. 2007.

Zusak, Markus
Fighting Ruben Wolfe
JUV Z865.fYA
Coming from a family who is struggling to keep food on the table, Ruben and his brother, Cameron, decide to join up with an unscrupulous fight promoter to make some extra cash, but as things progress, the brothers see that their pride and dignity are at stake and so begin to handle things more seriously. 2001.




Carter, Alden R.
Love, Football, and Other Contact Sports
JUV C2411.lYA
A collection of stories about high school students from one end of the social spectrum to the other. 2005.

Cheripko, Jan
Imitate the Tiger
JUV C4235.iYA
Chris Serbo knows and loves football and struggles to play it well, but when faced with pressure, he turns to alcohol and rebels against those that are the closest to him, including his aunt, coach, teachers, and friends. 1996.

Cochran, Thomas
JUV C643.rYA
As the Oil Camp Roughnecks prepare to battle the Pineview Pelicans for the Louisiana AA State High School football championship, Travis Cody hopes to redeem himself for costing his team an undefeated season, going up against his arch-rival, Jericho Grooms. 1997.

Coy, John
JUV C8374.cYA
Miles barely recalls when football was fun after being sidelined by a new coach, constantly criticized by his father, and pressured by his best friend to take performance-enhancing drugs2005.

Deuker, Carl
Gym Candy
JUV D4867.gYA
Groomed by his father to be a star player, football is the only thing that has ever really mattered to Mick Johnson, who works hard for a spot on the varsity team his freshman year, then tries to hold onto his edge by using steroids, despite the consequences to his health and social life. 2007.

Dygard, Thomas
Game Plan
JUV D989.gYA
When the Barton High football coach's hospitalization forces skinny student manager Beano Hatton to take over coaching the team, he must deal with a rebellious quarterback and his own lack of confidence. 1993.

Geinstein, John
JUV F334.cYA
Fledgling fourteen-year-old sports reporters Susan Carol and Stevie investigate suspicious activities at the Super Bowl after Stevie gets fired from his co-anchor job on a ground-breaking teen sports show. 2007.

Green, Tim
Football Genius
JUV G82661.fYA
Troy, a sixth-grader with an unusual gift for predicting football plays before they occur, attempts to use his ability to help his favorite team, the Atlanta Falcons, but he must first prove himself to the coach and players. 2007.

Lee, Marie G.
Necessary Roughness
JUV L5155.nYA
Sixteen-year-old Korean American Chan moves from Los Angeles to a small town in Minnesota, where he must cope not only with racism on the football team but also with the tensions in his relationship with his strict father. 1996.

McKissack Jr., Fredrick
Shooting Star
JUV M2174.sYA
Jomo Rogers, a naturally talented athlete, starts taking performance enhancing drugs in order to be an even better high school football player, but finds his life spinning out of control as his game improves.  2009.

Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
Dairy Queen: A Novel
JUV M9463.dYA
After spending her summer running the family farm and training the quarterback for her school's rival football team, sixteen-year-old D.J. decides to go out for the sport herself, not anticipating the reactions of those around her. 2006.


Powell, Randy

Three Clams and an Oyster

JUV P86.thYA

During their humorous search to find a fourth player for their flag football team, three high school juniors are forced to examine their long friendship, their individual flaws, and their inability to try new experiences.  2002.


Tharp, Tim

Knights of the Hill Country


In his senior year, high school star linebacker Hampton Greene finally begins to think for himself and discovers that he might be interested in more

than just football.  2006.




Lynch, Chris
The Big Game of Everything
JUV L9835.b YA
Jack and his eccentric family spend teh summer working at Grampus's golf comples, where they end up learning the rules of "The Big Game of Everything".  2008.




Geddes, John
The Sundog Season
JUV G254.s YA

Hughes, Pat
Open Ice
JUV H8735.oYA
Hockey has been Nick Taglio's life since he was five years old, so when a massive concussion benches him--possibly for good--everything seems to fall apart, including his schoolwork, his family relationships, his friendships, and his love life. 2005. 

Lynch, Chris
JUV L9835.iYA
Fourteen-year-old Eric, a ruthless hockey player prone to violence on the ice, tries to reconcile his own needs with those of his parents. 1994.


Murphy, Claire Rudolf
To the Summit
JUV M949.tYA
The climb to the peak of Mt. McKinley with her father becomes a journey of self-discovery for seventeen-year-old Sarah, who is sick of living in the Alaskan bush with her mother but troubled by her father's emotional distance. 1992.

Smith, Roland
JUV S65925.pYA
After being arrested for scaling a New York skyscraper and then sent to live with his long-lost father and fellow climber, Peak Marcello finds it difficult to rebuild their bond, thus when his father suddenly pushes him to climb Mt. Everest, Peak must take into consideration his father's questionable motives. 2007.

Ullman, James Ramsey
Banner in the Sky
JUV Awards U41.bYA
It stands unconquered, the last great summit of the Alps. Only one man has ever dared to approach the top, and that man died in his pursuit. He was Josef Matt, Rudi Matt's father. 1954.



Esckilsen, Erik E.
Offsides: A Novel
JUV E77.o
Tom Gray, a Mohawk Indian and star soccer player, moves to a new high school and refuses to play for the Warriors with their insulting mascot. 2004.

FitzGerald, Dawn
Soccer Chick Rules
JUV F564.sYA
While trying to focus on a winning soccer season, thirteen-year-old Tess becomes involved in local politics when she learns that all sports programs at her school will be stopped unless a tax levy is passed. 2006.

Peet, Mal
In an interview with a young journalist, World Cup hero, El Gato, describes his youth in the Brazilian rain forest and the events, experiences, and people that helped make him a great goalkeeper and renowned soccer star. 2005.

Wallace, Rich
Shots on Goal
JUV W153.s
While pursuing his goal of helping his soccer team win the league championship, fifteen-year-old Bones tries to deal with his resentment of his best friend, on whose girlfriend he has a crush. 1997.



Mackey, Weezie Kerr
Throwing Like a Girl
JUV M19829.tYA
After moving from Chicago to Dallas in the spring of her sophomore year, Ella finds that joining the softball team at her private school not only helps her make friends, it also provides unexpected opportunities to learn and grow. 2007.

Ritter, John
Under the Baseball Moon
JUV R5145.uYA
Andy and Glory, two fifteen-year-olds from Ocean Beach, California, pursue their respective dreams of becoming a famous musician and a professional softball player. 2006.



Coleman, Evelyn
Born in Sin
JUV C6771.bYA
Despite serious obstacles and setbacks, fourteen-year-old Keisha pursues her dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer and medical doctor.  2003.

Crutcher, Chris
JUV C888.sYA
A high school coach invites members of his swimming team to a memorable week of rigorous training that tests their moral fiber as well as their physical stamina. 1986.

Crutcher, Chris
Whale Talk
JUV C888.wYA
Intellectually and athletically gifted, TJ, a multiracial, adopted teenager, shuns organized sports and the gung-ho athletes at his high school until he agrees to form a swimming team and recruits some of the school's less popular students. 2001.

Duder, Tessa
In Lane Three, Alex Archer
JUV D8642.iYA
Fifteen-year-old Alex struggles to overcome personal trauma and hardship as she competes with her arch rival for a place on the New Zealand swimming team participating in the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. 1991.

Rottman, S.L.
Head Above Water
JUV R757.he
Skye, a high school junior, tries to find the time for both family obligations and personal interests, which include caring for her brother who has Down's Syndrome, dating her first boyfriend, and swimming competitively. 1999.






Clippinger, Carol
Open Court
JUV C6193.o YA
A thirteen-year-old tennis prodigy grapples with her seemingly incompatible desires to be an exceptiona athlete and a normal teenager.  2007



Feinstein, John
Vanishing Act
JUV F334.v YA
Eighth-grade sports reporters Susan Carol and stevie reunite at the U.S. Open tennis championships where they investigate the mysterious disappearance of a top Russian player.  2006.


Track and Field


Deans, Sis Boulos
Racing the Past
JUV D3462.rYA
After the death of his abusive father, eleven-year-old Ricky tries to help his younger brother deal with his residual fears and discovers that running helps him deal with his own anger and the taunts of a bullying classmate. 2001.

Voigt, Cynthia
The Runner
JUV V8715.rYA
As a dedicated runner, a teenage boy has always managed to distance himself from other people until the experience of coaching one of his teammates on the track team gradually helps him see the value of giving and receiving.  1985.

Wallace, Rich
One Good Punch
JUV W153.o
Eigtheen-year-old Michael Kerrigan, writer of obituaries for the Scranton Observer and captain of the track team, is ready for the most important season of his life--until the police find four joints in his school locker, and he is faced with a choice that could change everything.  2007.