Poets/Speak:Origins:Roots and Sources

Thursday, April 27, 2017
15th anniversary

In Memoriam: JOANNE KYGER (1934-2017), a rare female voice of the male-dominated Beatgeneration. She wrote nearly 30 collections of
poetry. On Time: Poems: 2005-2014, published by City Lights Publishers, showcased themes informed by her longtime practice of Zen Buddhism & concern for the environment. She was married to poet Gary Snyder from 1960-64.

Kyger’s About Now: Collected Poems was publishedby the UMaine National Poetry Foundation in 2007,& edited by late poet Sylvester Pollet, a frequentreader at early POETS/SPEAK! events.

Program and Events

4:30 pm  Come early, tour the Smithsonian exhibit, "Human Origins,' browse the poets' books, enjoy light refreshments, & meet the poets

4:50 pm  Welcome, Kathleen Ellis, coordinator (Atrium, first floor)

4:55 pm  Performance of selection from Ellis' Dear Darwin, featuring Nancy Ogle, soprano - Ginger Hwalek, piano and UMaine student readers:

               Emily Dillion - Lindsay Fenn - Alison Gannon -Nicole McGee - Sarah Vincze

5:15 pm  Natalie Lisnet, Bangor High School; Maine state runner-ip, 2017 Poetry Out Loud competition

5:20 pm  University of Maine Student Poets I

               Emily Dillion - Liam Dworkin - Nina kenney - Sarah Vincze

5:35 pm Simin Khosravani reads a Persian poem & discusses poet who spent 30 years trying to keep Persian language alive after Arab invasion

5:40 pm Poetry & and World I

             Francois Amar - Carlyn Locke - Leonore Hildebrandt

5:55 pm Poetry & and World II

              Bruce Pratt - Danielle Walczak

6:05 pm University of Maine Student Poets II

              Noura Al-Matrouk -Mary Manley - Heath Mathieson -Katherine Scott

6:20 pm University of Maine Student Poets II

              Annaliese Jakimdes - Carl Little - Stefania Irene Marthakis

6:30pm Remembering Joanne Kyger - A leading poet of the San Francisco Renaissance 7 the Beat generation

              Ellen Sander former Belgast poet laureate & friend of Janne Kyger, reads from her recent memoir, Hawthorne: A House in Bolinas

6:45pm A Bevy Belfast Poet Laureates

               Linda Buckmaster - Thomas Moore - Karin Spitfire


              Intros: Morghen Tidd, co-editor, The Open Field Literary Magazine

              Emma Barnes - Alexa Bonsey - Kimberly Crowley - Kat Dubois

7:35pm   Live Swingmatism, featuring Jay Bregman, Alto sax 7 his quintet


7:55       Final Book Sales and Siginings

             Many thanks to the Bangor Public Library, UMaine Dept. of English, UMaineHumanities Center, UMaine English 205 & 222 students, & the wealth of                poets who contributed to the 15th Annual POETS/SPEAK!