The Sky’s the limit at the Bangor Public Library on New Year’s Eve!


Sunday December 31st from 5-7 pm

 Everything is FREE for this family friendly event!

Activities around the building:

·         Dancing In the Stars: Dance the evening away on a map of the solar system (provided by National Geographic and the Emera Astronomy Center and M. F. Jordan Planetarium).

o   Solar activities will be led by Shawn Laastch from the Emera Astronomy Center during musical interludes.  Music provided by Plus Four.

·         Northern Stars Planetarium is back!-registration is free but required for this limited seating program. Show times: 5:00, 5:45, 6:30 p.m.

o   To register please contact us by phone (207-947-8336 ext. 111) or in person by visiting the Children’s Department. 

o   Tickets will be held until the beginning of the show indicated on your ticket. The tickets then become available on a first come, first served basis.

·         Sky viewing with the BPL telescope (weather permitting)

·         Musical performances by Plus Four and Duane “Motorcycle Music Man” Nickerson

·         Games and puzzles

·         Selfie Station and Predication Wall

·         Great snacks


On the children’s floor

·         Karaoke

·         Mini-golf

·         Games

·         Crafts


Learn more:

Northern Stars Planetarium:

 Emera Astronomy Center and the M. F. Jordan Planetarium:

 Plus Four – Facebook -

 Duane Nickerson “Motorcycle Music Man” is on Facebook:

Duane 1.PNG

                Bio: Duane has shared his musical talents for his whole life. He started playing guitar (self-taught) at a very young age when his older brother bought him his first guitar at age nine. It wasn’t long before he picked up the musical talent to prefect his guitar picking style and his singing voice. Duane received the Lenny Breau award through the local Country Music Academy for his particular guitar picking style. He has always had a love for motorcycles, and now he combines his love for music with his love for motorcycles by going to many homes riding his motorcycle with a guitar strapped on his back, from which he became known as the “Motorcycle Music Man”. He also has his own band called “Whiskey Throttle” that is pretty much a southern-rock style band with a motorcycle theme of course. Duane is known for his huge variety and style of music he plays. He can play all the old time hymns, oldies, Elvis, 50’s, country & country rock. He also has fun when he entertains by changing his voice style to sound like a particular artist, IE: Ernest Tubbs, Willie Nelson, Jonny Cash and many more!