Picture Books ~ Holocaust


Adler, David A.

The Number on my Grandfather's Arm  

JUV 398.8.A237n

A little girl questions a number printed on her grandfather's arm and he explains how he received it

in a Nazi concentration camp during world War II.  1987.


Hesse, Karen

The Cats in Krasinski Square 

JUV 398.8.H464ck

Two Jewish sister, escapees of the infamous Warsaw ghetto, devise a plan to thwart an attempt by

the Gestapo to intercept food bound for starving peoplebehind the dark wall. 2004.


Johnston, Tony

The Harmonica  

JUV 398.8.J648h

Separated from his parents in Poland during World War II, a young Jewish boy enslaved in a

concentration camp, keeps hope alive while playing Schubert on his harmonica whenever the

camp's commandant orders him to play. 2004.


Lakin,  Pat

Don't Forget 

JUV 398.8.L149df

While buying the ingredients for her first cake, a surprise for her mother's birthday, Sarah shares

secrets with the friendly neighborhood shopkeepers, especially with the Singers, who have

blue numbers on their arms. 1994.


Littlesugar, Amy

Willy and Max

JUV 398.8.L733w

In Belgium during World War ll, Willy becomes friends with Max and his Jewish family, and although they

become separate, they remain related by a bond of friendship and a special painting.  2006.


Oppenheim, Shulamith Levey

The Lily Cupboard  

JUV 398.8.O621l

Miriam, a young Jewish girl, is forced to leave her parents and hide with strangers in the

country during the German occupation of Holland.  1992.


Reuter, Elisabeth

Best Friends 

JUV 398.8.R3197b

Judith and Lisa's friendship is broken up by Hitler's determination to single out the

Jews for destruction. 1993.


Schnur, Steven

The Tie Man's Miracle 

JUV Holiday Coll 398.8.S3627t

On the last night of Chanukah, after hearing how an old man lost his family in the Holocaust,

ayoung boy makes a wish that is carried to God as the Menorah candles burn down. 1995.


Stillerman, Marci

Nine Spoons: A Chanukah Story  

JUV 398.8.S8572n

A few brave souls in a Nazi camp are determined to gather nine spoons to make a

menorah for Chanukah. 1998.


Wild, Margaret

Let the Celebration Begin! 

JUV 398.8.W6437l

A child, who remembers life at home before life in a concentration camp, makes toys with

the women to give to the other children at the very special party they are going to have when

the soldiers arrive to liberate the camp. 1991.