Donate To the Library

The Bangor Public Library relies on yearly donations from its community to continue providing quality programming for children, digital literacy classes for adults, books and magazines for all ages, programs and services from book clubs to concerts, and art exhibits to local history presentations -- all free to everyone in our community.



    A few library statistics for you: 

    • Over 32,000 e-resources were used by BPL Patrons in 2017; this includes e-books, e-magazines and downloadable audio titles.
    • 11,484 young people participated in 460 teen, "tween", and children's programs.
    • We lent 341,777 volumes in 2016 or an average of 1,210 books per day
    • Nearly 6,000 adults attended programs at the Library
    • We borrowed 15,347 titles form other libraries for our patrons
    • We lent 25,453 titles to other libraries for their patrons
    • Our digital commons were visited by 39,378 people last year from all over the world!

    Please take a moment to read our Annual Appeal letter below to learn even more about what's been going on at the library:

    Have you seen the renovated Library?  The people of Bangor (a city of readers) and the surrounding area helped build a great gift for this generation and the next. Even while the last vestiges of construction were being finished, exciting things were happening at the Library.  Highlights from 2017 include the Smithsonian Exhibit on the Origin of Man; noteworthy author events including Michael Finkel (The Stranger in the Woods) and Christina Baker Kline (A Piece of the World); the summer music series and fun Thursday night jazz; and a fantastic summer reading program that touched over 500 of our city’s children.  The best parts of using the Bangor Public Library have not been lost with the construction.  Those parts have only been enhanced with new spaces and new ways of using our historic areas.

    THANK YOU for your previous support of the Library, without you none of this would be possible.  You are our donors, our community supporters, our partners, and our users.  We continue to grow and evolve to meet you and your family’s needs.

    As we do every year the Library partnered with many groups and organizations—making us all stronger.  Still, we serve our community one person at a time.  During the Exploring Human Origins exhibit in April, a grandfather was able to bring his grandson to visit, saying this was the only way they could share an exhibit of the quality provided by the Smithsonian; in another family, a little girl earnestly engaged with her family in a whole new way as she asked questions to discover “what does it mean to be human?”  We will always have books, (currently 469,291 volumes to be exact), but there is so much more we can and should do.


    These are some of the things your dollars help us do.  Without you, there would be no programming.  Programs help expose adults and children to new ideas. Programs, like books, are a gateway to information.  Many people visiting us this year remarked that they had not been here for years but just HAD to see their favorite author or see an exhibit or bring a grandchild to a children’s program. Often they left with not only a library card, but books, information and other resources that they couldn’t wait to use.  But the Annual Fund money is used for more than that: it helps us to expand our audio-book collection, helps buy needed resources for the children’s and teen areas, lets us purchase needed materials for the Local History area and, quite frankly, helps us meet our operating budget.

    New spaces and resources in the renovated Library include: the Bangor Co-Working Space in the Allen Business Center which is designed for small and independent business owners who may not have office space or are working from home. We’ve also added a few new digital resources to our digital library. One is Tumblebooks a platform that brings e-books to young readers and includes puzzles, games and quizzes with each title as well as National Geographic videos on many interesting topics. This resource is not only free (as always) to our patrons, but has been shared with each school library in Bangor, so their students and teachers have easy access as well.

    Our Atrium and new meeting spaces have quickly become popular with many groups in the community—it is Bangor’s “third” (and safe) space (the first and second spaces being home and work). Our new café, atrium and meeting spaces are being used for many different things including a place for old friends to catch up over a cup of coffee, a place for tutoring and studying and a forum for programs of civic engagement. 

    Our staff works hard to be able to help every patron who walks in our door find what is needed or wanted.  Staff connects them to authors, websites or databases to answer questions, grow expertise or find a good read in the right format. We believe that all individuals should have equal access to books, information and culture, and continue to strive to ensure they can.     

    Please donate to the Bangor Public Library’s Annual Fund this year.  Your contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference in every life we touch. We really could not do all we do without your support.

     Most sincerely,

    Lee Chick

    President, Board of Managers & Trustees