Picture Books ~ Dinosaurs

Andreae, Giles
Dinosaurs Galore!
JUV 398.8.A5563d
Rhyming picture book about the lives of the great dinosaurs. 2005.


Bright, Paul
Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch!
JUV 398.8.B7679cm
Ty tyrannosaurus stomps through the jungle proving that he is brave, 
terrifying, and hungry, while his loving baby sister, Teri, keeps
embarrassing him, but when she is threatened, Ty comes to the rescue. 


Buzzeo, Toni
No T. Rex in the Library
JUV ME COLL 398.8.B9899n
A rampaging tyrannosaurus rex demonstrates to an out-of-control little
girl the results of "beastie" behavior in the library. 2010.


Carrick, Carol

Patrick's Dinosaurs

JUV 398.8.C234pat

When his older brother talks about dinosaurs during a visit to the zoo, 
Patrick is afraid, until he discovers they all died millions of years ago. 1983.


Carrick, Carol

What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs? 

JUV 398.8.C234w

Fascinated with dinosaurs, Patrick invents an imaginary explanation of
why they became extinct. 1986.


Cyrus, Kurt
Tadpole Rex
JUV 398.8.C993tr
A tiny primordial tadpole grows into a frog, feeling just as strong and powerful
as the huge tyrannosaurus rex that stomps through the mud. 2008.


Dale, Penny
Dinosaur Dig
JUV 398.8.D155d
Dinosaurs from one to ten use construction equipment to dig, shovel, roll, and
scrape as they build a fun surprise. 2011.


Dale, Penny
Dinosaur Rescue!
JUV 398.8.D155dr
When a crew of builder dinosaurs break down on a level crossing, they know the
only thing they can do to save themselves is to call Dinosaur Rescue! In no time
at all, help is on its way, but will the Dinosaur Rescue team get there in time to
stop the train? 2013.


DiPucchio, Kelly
JUV 398.8.D6263d
Relates the earth changing consequences of millions of nights of raucous snoring
by sleeping dinosaurs. 2005.


Donaldson, Julia
Tyrannosaurus Drip
JUV 398.8.D714t
A duckbilled dinosaur, accidentally raised by fierce tyrannosauruses who would eat
duckbills if only they could reach them, tries to be like his "family" but finally gives
up, runs away, and finds a real home with others of his kind. 2008.


Edwards, Pamela Duncan

Dinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy Tale  

JUV 398.8.E2657d

In this story, loosely based on that of Cinderella but featuring dinosaurs, the Duke
falls in love with Dinorella when she rescues him from the dreaded Deinonychus at
the Dinosaur Dance.  1997.


Edwards, Pamela Duncan
Dinosaur Starts School
JUV 398.8.E2657ds
Dinosaur worries about the first day of school, but with the help of a reassuring
classmate he finds that school can be fun. 2009.


Edwards, Wallace
The Extinct Files: My Science Project
JUV 398.8.E2683e
For his science project, Wallace documents the behavior of dinosaurs in modern
life, including how they like the night life, are active athletes, and are generally
shy around humans. 2006.


Evans, Nate
Bang! Boom! Roar!: A Busy Crew Of Dinosaurs
JUV 398.8.E9223b
While designing and constructing a playground, a building crew of dinosaurs
introduces the letters from A to Z. 2012.


Fox, Diane
Tyson the Terrible
JUV 398.8.F8303t
Three young dinosaurs are afraid when they hear Tyson the Terrible approach, 
until they meet the young tyrannosaurus for themselves. 2006.


Hartmann, Wendy

The Dinosaurs Are Back: And Its All Your Fault Edward! 

JUV 398.8.H256d

Edward gets more and more nervous as his older brother tries to convince him
that a dinosaur egg is about to hatch under his bed. 1997.


Hearn, Diane Dawson

Dad's Dinosaur Day

JUV 398.8.H351d

Dad's behavior changes when he becomes a dinosaur for a day. 1993.


Heidbreder, Robert

Drumheller Dinosaur Dance

JUV 398.8.H3618d

The slumbering Drumheller dinosaur skeletons feel the call of the rising moon
and get ready to shake, rattle, and roll their bones! 2004.


Idle, Molly
Camp Rex
JUV 398.8.I1953c
Cordelia and her troup of dino-scouts enjoy a camping trip in the great outdoors. 2014.


Joyce, William

Dinosaur Bob and His Adventures With the Family Lazardo

JUV 398.8.J856d

While vacationing in Africa, the Lazardo family finds and brings back to America a
friendly dinosaur that becomes the talk of the town. 1988.


Kellogg, Steven

Prehistoric Pinkerton

JUV 398.8.K294pr

Pinkerton's natural canine urge to chew on things while teething coincides with a
chaotic visit to the museum's collection of dinosaur bones. 1987.


Long, Ethan
The Contest
JUV 398.8.L8508c
Scribbles the cat and Ink the mouse are buddies and fellow artists. When they enter
a 'Draw a Dinosaur' contest, shenanigans ensue as their artistic creations come to
life. 2013.


Lund, Deb
JUV 398.8.L714t
After spending time sailing, some seasick dinosaurs decide they have had enough of
the high seas. 2008.


McCarty, Peter

T is for Terrible

JUV 398.8.M1275t

A tyrannosaurus rex explains that he cannot help it that he is enormous and hungry
and is not a vegetarian. 2004.


McClements, George

Dinosaur Woods

JUV 398.8.M1301d

To save their homes from being destroyed by developers, a fanciful group of endangered
animals constructs a fearsome dinosaur. 2009.


Mitton, Tony


JUV 398.8.M6982d

A rhyming tale of Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and even Tyrannosaurus gathering at the
swamp to dance. 2002.


Moses, Brian
Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe
JUV 398.8.M8523t
The vegetarian dinosaurs are enjoying their plant meals at the Dinosaur Cafe until
ravenous Tyrannosaurus stomps in looking for meaty dinosaur stew. 2006.


Most, Bernard

If the Dinosaurs Came Back

JUV 398.8.M8559i

A young boy who wishes for the return of dinosaurs imagines how useful they would
be. 1978.


Most, Bernard

A Trio of Triceratops

JUV 398.8.M8559tr

A trio of triceratops touch their toes, toot trumpets, and tell tales, among other
activities similarly alliterative. 1998.


Murphy, Stuart

Dinosaur Deals  

JUV 398.8.M957d

At the Dinosaur Card Trading Fair, brothers Mike and Andy learn how equivalent
values can help them make the best trades. 2001.


Myers, Tim
Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe
JUV 398.8.M9918d
Dinosaurs from a finicky stegosaurus and a knobby old ankylosaur to the frightening
tyrannosaurus rex get washed and shined at the Dino Wash Deluxe. Includes section
with facts about the dinosaurs mentioned in the story. 2013.


Nolan, Dennis

Dinosaur Dream

JUV 398.8.N7112d

After reading about dinosaurs and then falling asleep, Wilbur sees a baby apatosaurus
outside his bedroom and travels backwards through time to return it to its Jurassic
time period. 1994.


O'Malley, Kevin
Captain Raptor and the Space Pirates
JUV 398.8.O542cs
Captain Raptor and the crew of the Megatooth are called back into action to save the
planet Jurassica from rogue space pirates. 2007.


Palotta, Jerry
Dinosaur Christmas
JUV 398.8.P18dc
After he gets a postcard from a little girl, Santa Claus reminisces about all the
trouble he had when dinosaurs pulled his sleigh. 2013.


Pallotta, Jerry

The Dinosaur Alphabet Book

JUV 398.8.P18d

Presents a dinosaur for each letter of the alphabet. 1991.


Rohmann, Eric

Time Flies

JUV 398.8.R636t (Awards)

A wordless tale in which a bird flying around the dinosaur exhibit in a museum
has an unsettling experience when it finds itself back in the time of living
dinosaurs.  1994.


Rosenberg, Liz
Tyrannosaurus Dad
JUV 398.8.R7233t
Tobias's father is different from other dads, not only because he is a tyrannosaurus
but also because he is busy all of the time, but when disaster looms during Field
Day at Tobias's school, his dad comes through. 2011.


Saviola, Ava
Dinosaur Opposites
JUV 398.8.S2667d
Dinosaurs introduce opposites, including up and down, loud and quiet, and in and
out. 2013.


Schwartz, Henry

Albert Goes Hollywood

JUV 398.8.S3995a

Liz gets to keep her pet dinosaur Albert when she finds him a job in the movies. 


Shea, Bob
Dinosaur vs. Bedtime
JUV 398.8.S5377d
As little Dinosaur takes on everything around him, from a pile of leaves to his evening
bowl of spaghetti, he is sure to win the challenge, but when it comes to bedtime, 
little Dinosaur is no match. 2008.


Shea, Bob
Dinosaur vs. Santa
JUV 398.8.S5377ds
Little Dinosaur gets ready for Christmas. 2012.


Shea, Bob
Dinosaur vs. The Library
JUV 398.8.S5377dl
Dinosaur is going to one of his favorite places, the library, and on the way he
encounters a series of animals, including a cow, baby chicks, a turtle, and an
owl, and shares his roars with each. 2011.


Shields, Carol Diggory 

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

JUV ME COLL 398.8.S5554s

When it's rock 'n' roll time during the prehistoric era, many different kinds of
dinosaurs gather to twist, twirl, and tromp at a Saturday night party. 1997.


Sis, Peter


JUV 398.8.S622d

While taking a bath, a young boy is joined by all sorts of dinosaurs. 1994.


Stickland, Paul & Henrietta

Dinosaur Roar! 

JUV 398.8.S854d

Illustrations and rhyming text present all kinds of dinosaurs, including ones
that are sweet, grumpy, spiky, or lumpy. 1994.


Wahl, Jan

The Field Mouse and the Dinosaur Named Sue

JUV 398.8.W125fm

A field mouse finds himself in the Field Museum when the roof of his former
home is transported there with the rest of the bones of a dinosaur named
Sue. 2000.


Wheeler, Lisa
JUV 398.8.W5652d
The meat-eating dinosaurs challenge the plant-eating dinosaurs to a hockey
match. 2007.


Whybrow, Ian
Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs
JUV 398.8.W622h
Harry finds toy dinosaurs in the attic that come to life when he names
each one. 2010.


Willems, Mo
Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs
JUV 398.8.W6673g
Once upon a time, there were three hungry Dinosaurs: Papa Dinosaur, Mama
Dinosaur . . . and a Dinosaur who happened to be visiting from Norway. One
day--for no particular reason--they decided to tidy up their house, make the
beds, and prepare pudding of varying temperatures. And then--for no particular
reason--they decided to go . . . someplace else. They were definitely not setting
a trap for some succulent, unsupervised little girl. Definitely not! 2012.


Yolen, Jane

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

JUV 398.8.Y78hf

Describes how a dinosaur eats, with no rude noises and while sitting very still.  


Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Go To School?
Explains how young dinosaurs should behave during a typical school day. 2007.


Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Play With Their Friends?
JUV 398.8.Y78hp
Rhyming text and illustrations present some of the ways dinosaurs can play with
their friends, from hogging the swings to sharing toys. 2006.


Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Chanukah?
JUV 398.8.Y78hc
Illustrations and rhyming text present some of the different ways a well-behaved
dinosaur can celebrate the eight days and nights of Chanukah. 2012.


Yolen, Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?
JUV 398.8.Y78hs
Illustrations and rhyming text explore some of the things that dinosaurs might
do when they are angry--and how they should control their tempers. 2013.


Yolen. Jane
How Do Dinosaurs Say Merry Christmas?
JUV 398.8.Y78hm
Illustrations and rhyming text present some of the different ways a well-behaved
dinosaur can celebrate Christmas. 2012.


Young, Cybele
A Few Bites
JUV 398.8.Y8433f
When her brother Ferdie would rather play than eat, Viola spins a tale about
how dinosaurs ate broccoli to escape predators and carrots provide alien super-vision, 
an effort repaid when Viola is tired and Ferdie presents a surprise. 2012.