Not Your Ordinary Book Group

We read popular fiction, edgy and uncensored, and meet once a month on Thursday nights at 6:00 pm.  This is NOT your traditional literary fiction book group.  All books are chosen by our members, with an initial online vote to narrow down our choices.  The final books are decided in person at the meetings.

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The Usual Suspects

Mystery lovers continue to discuss this popular genre through the Spring!

This group is open to the public and registration is not required; feel free to drop in at anytime! For more information, contact the Library's Business Manager, Tina Hustus here.  

The upcoming books are as followed:


Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood. (July 12th)

The series debut, which explains how the irrepressible flapper (the series is set in the 1920s) became a detective on Australia. The main character, Phryne, stumbles into a case involving two of the 1920s' signature evils: cocaine and back-alley abortions. All while leaving her mark on Melbourne from beginning to end.


The Laughter House by Paul Cleave. (August 2nd)

Here is a real mystery. Set in New Zealand, Hero Theodore Tate is an ex-cop who lost his job due to a myriad of things while being hit with many personal life tragedies. Paul Cleave is riveting in his approach as he connects every string throughout the book that leaves you with the final effect of tingling in your neck that tells us an artist is at work.


Dead Before Dying by Deon Meyer. (September 6th)

Police captain Mat Joubert is near suicidal after the death of his wife. While being assigned to a pressing investigation, he tries to change his life around for the better. Meyer subtly juxtaposes the heartbreak of the victims families with the heartbroken detective assigned to their cases. Using humor and pathos in equal measure, Meyer builds a deeply moving portrait of a man in search of his own dignity.

Please note: The group meets from 5:30-7 pm in one of the Business Center Rooms on the 2nd floor (subject to availability).  Check the Digital Sign next to the Elevator when you arrive to confirm which room to find me.

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Lit Chicks Book Group

Our Lit Chicks Book Group is the library's more traditional book group.  Led by Maggie, one of our reference librarians, the group meets the first Tuesday of every month at 2:00 pm.  All the reads are chosen by Maggie and lean toward contemporary and literary fiction.  She is very conscious of providing members of the group with shorter reads that also have interesting topic matters to discuss at the meetings. Please be aware that participants are not limited to females, but the book selections may be decidedly feminine. Like the services of the Library, this program is FREE to anyone living in Maine.

Lit Chicks is done for spring of 2017 and will start back up this fall

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Other Book Clubs:

Bangor LGBTQ Bookgroup

(This group is not run by the library)

A book group for queer, questioning, and allied readers in the Bangor area. This is an open group, and anyone can join or drop in, as this is a registration free event. 

We meet every second Thursday each month at 6pm in the Board Room at the Bangor Public Library. Though we meet at the library, we are not affiliated with the library and welcome all members of the public into our group. 

If you are having trouble finding our book of the month on our Facebook wall and Goodreads page please let us know and we'll figure something out for you.