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BDN Dirigo Speaks Presents:

A reading of “The Dogs Pond” by Travis G. Baker

WHEN: Wednesday, October 25th 5-7 pm at the Bangor Public Library.

Join us for a reading of "The Dogs Pond," the newest play by Orono playwright Travis G. Baker.

"The Dogs Pond" centers on a small band of veterans of our most recent wars, Owen, Stills and Bergsey, who have gathered for a reunion organized by Owen’s brother Carter at their uncle’s fishing camp cabin on the Dogs Pond in Maine.

dirigo oct 2017.jpg

The characters are vivid, complicated, quirky, messed-up, fully human characters that don’t explain or apologize for the way they are. They needle, they tease and they annoy each other like any family or group of friends that have known each other for too long and love each other no matter what. They drink, they smoke, they reminisce, they share their crazy stories, they remember friends lost, they argue, they fight, and they try to make sense of the world and their lives in it.

The uncertainty and dangers they face now seem no less than what they faced in Iraq and Afghanistan. Filled with funny, lively, colorful exchanges and stories, "The Dogs Pond" shifts from the obscene and the comedic to poetic prologues that linger like desperate prayers.

"The Dogs Pond" beat out over 200 other submissions and will be headlining the Pandora's Box Play Reading Festival in Long Beach, CA on Friday, Oct 20.


Register online: http://ow.ly/NrK430fnjj8