Author Talk: Capt. Billy C.

"50 Ways to be a Mainer"

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Thursday, August 23

5:30 - 7:00 PM

Crofutt Community Room

Captain Billy C was born in the Midwest and spent most of his life in one of the flattest states in the country.  He decided that wasn’t flat enough and moved to the flattest state in the country – Florida.  In 1989, he was introduced to the coast of Maine by his future wife Jenni Smith whose family (the Marshall Smiths) had been coming to Surry since the early 1940’s.  Since that time, Captain Billy has spent every summer and many Christmases in Surry, on Newbury Neck. 

While Captain Billy is not a licensed sea captain, he has taken hundreds of people out onto the waters of Union River and Blue Hill Bay to show them lighthouses and seals.  He has also officiated at least a dozen weddings.  In a real sense he married his father-in-law, Marshall Smith, and also his son.  But those stories are for another book.

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Captain Billy has a degree in history and, as a world traveler (he has been to six continents and over 55 countries), he found Maine’s culture and people to be pleasantly unique.  The more he got to know people in Maine and experienced the culture, the more he wanted to share his observations with the world. 

Captain Billy has always loved humor and humorous stories.  For several years Captain Billy studied Improv at Second City and Victory Gardens Theater.  He also tried his hand at stand-up comedy and took a class that culminated in an 8-minute original routine that he performed at Zanie’s Comedy Club.  With all this humor running through his veins, it made sense to write a book that was funny, yet educational.  That book is 50 Ways to Be a Mainer.  But it is more than just a book of his writing.  Captain Billy wanted it to also be a coloring book and was fortunate for a talented young artist in his other home of Florida who did the illustrations for each section. 

Join Captain Billy as he shares some of his stories from the book including humor in Maine, his favorite war, and the length of Maine’s coastline.  

Find out more about Capt. Billy C. (Bill Casale) on his website or follow him on Facebook @CaptainBillyC.