Art Exhibits at the Library

The Library is thrilled to welcome local and regional artists back into our spaces! Please check back here often to find more information as the year progresses!

If you are interested in exhibiting art in the future, please read and fill out the information below.

The Library is proud to now offer four exhibition locations:

  • The Lecture Hall Gallery (third floor)
  • The Cyr Gallery (previously the Bangor Room, third floor)
  • The Stairwell Gallery (new grand staircase)
  • The Stairwell Extension Gallery (2nd floor)

March Exhibitions

Stairwell Gallery: Diane Martin

"A Reluctant Nomad" Photography Exhibition

Exhibit opening

Monday, March 5,  6-8 PM

In the Atrium

Diane G. Martin has lived for long periods in Maine; San Francisco, California; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Sansepolcro, Italy.  Widely traveled, she has written about and photographed people and their environments wherever she has spent time.

In an age when we are often blinded by artificially bright colors and images, it is sometimes stimulating in a more contemplative way to observe and engage in evening walk, the work of Quiet Shadows.  When I stroll the street alone, another state emerges.

Stairwell Extension Gallery: Jennifer Morris

"CLOSER" Photography Exhibition


This series was about capturing life from a different perspective. Getting in close to the subjects allowed me to focus on the smaller details, taking the objects out of their everyday settings and focusing on them as the entire scene instead of just part of it. There is a lot of beauty in the tiny things we often overlook.

J Morris-bittersweet_nightshade2.jpg

Jennifer works in multiple mediums. While her degree is in Graphic Design, Jennifer spends a lot of time painting and she is passionate about photography.She can frequently be found carrying her camera around the yard, through the woods, or on random adventures.


For more information visit:



Cyr Gallery: Jeffrey Plucker

"Black and White: A study in charcoals" Charcoal on Paper Exhibition


Jeff Plucker is a Maine based artist who lives in Topsham.  He received a B.S. in Art Education from the University of Maine in 1987.

Jeff likes exploring the medium of charcoal drawing using unconventional drawing techniques, laying a base drawing resembling Abstract Expressionism and then redefining his drawing by adding a second traditional image on top to produce powerful yet subtle imagery.

 Jeff chose charcoal on paper because it is the oldest and most basic form of visual media. Drawing with charcoal seems to have lost its importance in the contemporary art world and I want to challenge that notion. I use various techniques to push the traditional boundaries of charcoal drawing. At times I will choose not to tell a complete visual story and use the ambiguity of blurred line with a minimum of background to form a sense of mystery. I believe there should always be an element of mystery in a good piece of art to entice the observer to keep coming back.

For more information about Jeff and his work visit his website.


Lecture Hall Gallery: Art In the Heart

"Hygge" - selections from artists' work

Opening reception

Friday, March 9, 6:00-7:30 PM

Lecture Hall Gallery

Art in the Heart is a group of Visual Arts Teachers working in Central Maine. We meet regularly to share ideas for strengthening arts instruction for our students. Stop by the Library to see your school art teachers as Artists.

April Exhibitions

All galleries:  John LeBlanc

"Dirty Pour" demonstration

April 20, 4:00-5:00 pm

Lecture Hall

John LeBlanc's artistic process revolves around following his interest in the differing mediums and techniques, subject matter and style to see where it leads.  

John studied at the Art Students League of New York City.  He has exhibited across Maine including Public Space Commissions at Old Town Elementary School and Eastern Maine Medical Center.  John has been active in many art's organizations in the Bangor area.

acrylic pour-2252678-small.jpg

John will give a demonstration of Acrylic Pour Painting, sometimes known as Dirty Cup Pour, on April 20. Acrylic Pour painting is an innovative way to create an art piece using Fluid Acrylic paints instead of tools like brushes or knives.  These paints can be poured directly onto the canvas or added to a cup and then poured.  The canvas may then be tilted to let gravity move the paint across the surface.  The results are unlike anything you can get with a brush.  For more information about this process, watch a few examples on Youtube.