Art Exhibits at the Library

The Library is thrilled to welcome local and regional artists back into our spaces! Please check back here often to find more information as the year progresses!

If you are interested in exhibiting art in the future, please read and fill out the information below.

The Library is proud to now offer four exhibition locations:

  • The Lecture Hall Gallery (third floor)
  • The Cyr Gallery (previously the Bangor Room, third floor)
  • The Stairwell Gallery (new grand staircase)
  • The Stairwell Extension Gallery (2nd floor)

May Exhibitions

Stairwell Extension Gallery: Sabra Ravenscraft

Nature Through an Artist's Eye

Sabra likes to paint nature subjects as a way to get out her emotions. It helps to process feelings: get out the negative and keep the good.  Each season has special feeling attached to it.  I hope people enjoy my art and that they are comforted by it.

Sabra is a graduate of Hampden Academy.  She attends programs at both Amicus and MVRA.  She has been an artist for many years and taken part in several group exhibitions.  She has donated beautiful work to charities such as Arts For Hunger.  Sabra is very excited and looking forward to her first solo exhibit.

Stairwell Gallery: Cheri St. Germain Walton

Writing an artist statement is always a challenge.  I feel as if I have no statement.    I paint in all mediums, draw, make sculpture, fold paper, do origami and tessellations.  I also write, read, sew, cook, decorate, do carpentry, build furniture.......... have dogs and cats and chickens and parakeets.  Until I got too old (just recently) I rode horses (dressage) and kayaked. 

No matter what I'm doing I do it with all my heart.  The paintings I have exhibited here were mostly inspired by a recent trip to Oregon.  As is my custom, I fell in love with the place.  I took over 850 pictures, sneaking up on people as they went about their business.  The landscape was breathtaking, but it was the people that captivated me most. Every day of my three week stay I fell in love with them more as they went about their business, calm and quiet, patient and polite, friendly and generous.  I settled on people walking their dogs for my painting project.  They seemed to represent everything I saw and felt. The relationship I had with them was superficial almost to the point of non-existence......the kind of relationships so distant that all I saw was good.  This is the kind of relationship I find most satisfying.  It is uncomplicated and fleeting.  It hardly exists at all outside of my own mind.

For me, painting is all process, no more or less than a child with a coloring book.  The doing of it is everything.  I work hard and enjoy my struggles.  The product is a record of that enjoyment. Looking at it makes me happy.   When I am gone, I expect my children to have a wonderful, giant bonfire to send my otherwise endless productivity after me.

Lecture Hall and Cyr Galleries:  Bangor Art Society


BAS Poster - top.jpg

We are the Oldest, Continuous Art Society in the Nation! B.A.S. was established on February 6, 1875! 

The Bangor Art Society’s inception dates back to 1875, when a small group of Bangor artists formed the Bangor Art Association for the purpose of promoting art and extending art education in Bangor with programs that stressed exhibitions of Arts and Crafts, Paintings, Photographs and Prints. The BAS has the distinction of being able to claim the membership of Marsden Hartley, who conducted painting classes for the society during the winter months sometime in the 1940’s. Over the years membership has fluctuated, meetings have been held in various venues in Bangor, and its name changed from Bangor Art Association to the Bangor Society of Arts, to the Bangor Art Society in the late 50’s.

What has never changed has been the purpose of the society. Then as now, we are dedicated to promoting art and encouraging the creative spirit through a variety of programs and events and scholarships to art students. BAS meetings, which often feature artist’s presentations, are open to the public, and take place at 6 pm in the Bangor Public Library on the fourth Tuesday of the month except during the summer. As a non-profit association, some of our yearly events are the BAS All-Member show in February, the BAS juried show in May, the Annual Winter Auction in November, and a recent inclusion of what promises to be a spectacular summer community event: the Paint Bangor Day in the end of July that culminates in a silent auction. We welcome new members and new ideas, and take delight in the passion that fuels the creative spirit.

Visit the BAS website for more information.


June Exhibitions

Bangor High School Annual Art Show

All Galleries

ram logo.png

Eric Hutchins & William Bell
Visual & Performing Arts Department Co-Chairs

The Visual & Performing Arts (VPA) program helps students to increase creative thinking skills and knowledge as aesthetically informed citizens. The content areas of drama, music and visual arts are among the subjects students may explore in order to acquire new proficiencies and to meet their Visual & Performing Arts graduation requirement reflected in Maine learning standards.

By design, performance-based courses in each of the three VPA subject areas (visual art, musical / choral performance, theatrer arts) require students to demonstrate competency in both creative expression and history / criticism. Over their four years of high school, students are encouraged to access the rich, diverse and comprehensive blend of introductory and advanced VPA courses, including multiple Advanced Placement options, to build a strong understanding of the visual and performing arts and to create opportunity for continued pursuit and enjoyment of the arts in education and career.

Visit the Bangor High School Visual & Performing Arts webpage for more information about the program.


July Exhibitions


Stairwell and Barbara McDade Galleries:  Carol Michaud


Finding True North, oil paintings and mixed media works that focus on stories of life on the coast of Maine.  Some pieces are timeless and others include people, places and objects that are now only memories.  History is constantly reinventing itself, perhaps this show will remind the viewer of their own special  people and places.

Cyr Gallery: Age(less) Artist

Lecture Hall: Penobscot Marine Museum