Art Exhibits at the Library

The Library is thrilled to welcome local and regional artists back into our spaces! Please check back here often to find more information as the year progresses!

If you are interested in exhibiting art in the future, please fill out the attached application form here.

The Library is proud to now offer three exhibition locations:

  • The Lecture Hall Gallery (third floor)
  • The Cyr Gallery (previously the Bangor Room, third floor)
  • The Stairwell Gallery (new grand staircase)

July Exhibition: Cyr Gallery - Obrianna

Obrianna specializes in watercolor landscapes. She lives and works here in Maine where she is known for her highly-detailed paintings, filled with natural color and scenic lighting effects. The beautiful landscapes and unique culture here inspire and motivate her in her artwork.

Obrianna received training in Fine Art at Pensacola Christian College and developed her skill and knowledge in realism. For several years, she has taught art classes to students ranging from five-years to seventy-five.

She believes that the main purpose of art is for the enjoyment and appreciation of beauty. It is my goal to continually improve in my art, and to help others in their enjoyment of art.


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July Exhibition: Stairwell Gallery - Bangor High School Students


July Exhibition: Lecture Hall Gallery - Bangor High School Students