Art Exhibits at the Library

The Library is thrilled to welcome local and regional artists into our spaces! Please check back here often as we share upcoming artists and their exhibits. 

If you are interested in exhibiting art in the future, please read and fill out the information below.

The Library is proud to now offer five exhibition locations:

  • The Lecture Hall Gallery (third floor)

  • The Cyr Gallery (previously the Bangor Room, third floor)

  • The Stairwell Gallery (new grand staircase)

  • The Barbara McDade Gallery (2nd floor)

  • The Teen Study Rooms (3rd floor)


Stairwell Gallery: Diana Young

"Cruising the Rhine and the Danube"

Opening reception during the October Downtown Friday Artwalk

Friday, October 5

5:00 - 8:00 PM


Diana took a wonderful European River Cruise to celebrate her 80th birthday.  She sat most days on the top deck sketching the passing scene--at about 15 mph.  These acrylic paintings were done from the sketches, some photographs, and memory.  She also "briefly" visited Istanbul at the end of the trip;  thus the "Golden Horn" painting. She got to enjoy a boat ride while in Istanbul. 

I paint semi-abstract landscapes in the summer and do collage and other fanciful items in the winter. I use acrylic, water-based oil, gouache and watercolor.

Please enjoy these paintings as much as Diana did her 80th birthday!


     Dale Joyce is a fine art photographer residing in Maine.  His love of coastal Maine and photography both originated while spending summers on Swan’s Island with his grandparents.  Enamored with the primal beauty of the landscape, classic architecture, genuine sense of community and hardworking spirit of the people, Dale chose to move there permanently, opening Harbor View Studio in 2017.

     His first forays into photography were with the Kodak 35mm Pony camera his grandmother originally bought for a trip to Europe.  Through his teen years he developed a keen eye for how the interplay of light and shadow can make a good photograph great.  He works primarily in digital, but much prefers the art of developing his own film from medium and large format cameras.  Dale is also a proponent of alternative “old school” developing techniques and is teaching himself carbon printing and salt printing using sea water.

     Dale spends time maintaining his Swan’s Island house built in 1864 that now also serves as a gallery open to the public.  He shares his home with his girlfriend/business partner, their three lovely children and one tiny dog.  He hopes to pass along his love of Maine through hiking, boating and fishing and maybe even encouraging a budding photographer.

This exhibit features some of our popular fine art and limited edition pieces.  These demonstrate our belief that photography should capture the true beauty of nature, not a contrived version of it. We perform only minimal editing and corrections. What you see in the final print is very much what we saw behind the lens.

  However, we will also be presenting several prints that have been made with alternative processes like salt printing. These harken back to the origination of the medium in the 1830s.  On the other end of the spectrum we will be showing some metal prints that highlight the beauty of autumn using a new technique.

You may learn more about Dale and his work on his website.

Dale is on Facebook too @harborviewstudio.


Painting, drawing, collage, and mixed media are just a few of their artwork that will be on display by Citizens of Maine. Each piece is an individualistic expression to promote their talent and interests.

Citizens of Maine is committed to providing caring support for adults with intellectual differences, enabling our members to lead enriched lives in the home and community. Our Art Program exists to facilitate the learning, creation, and professional display of artwork of all our members.  It provides an avenue for expression and
discovery of oneself.

Visit the Citizens of Maine website to learn more.


Bob Treat grew up in Brewer and now lives in Winterport. After being a self-employed electrician for almost 40 years, retirement offered an opportunity to try new things.  Penobscot Valley Senior College offers art classes. Between senior college semesters, Bob continued to take weekly classes with the watercolor instructor, David Whalen, for a couple years.  Bob is an “untrained” artist having fun experimenting with paint and paper.  Painting with watercolors gives you the ability to create a scene the way you see it and bring it to life. Bob prefers painting buildings and trucks.  He recommends finding an art class.  You might just find a rewarding hobby.


All of the artists on exhibit during December invite you to their opening reception. It will be held:

Wednesday, December 12

4:30 - 6:30 PM

All galleries


Opening reception

Wednesday, December 12

4:30 - 6:30 PM


Opening reception

Wednesday, December 12

4:30 - 6:30 PM

Artist statement.           

My usual answer to the question “what kind of work do you do?” Is that I work abstractly, that I am an abstract expresssionist. For me, the term describes the  process more than the finished work.  I begin with paint, a surface and an impulse.  Starting with a calligraphic gesture and a response, I try to work quickly to stay with my first impulses. It is not a thinking process.

Many paintings have begun with a landscape or an image of a pot of flowers in a traditional spatial organization.  The “fixedness” of that imagery drives me to break up the space and distribute the colors around the surface. I want the kaleidoscopic experience one has looking at a multicolored bouquet. A group of colors has an effect similar to a chord of musical notes - there can be perfect pleasure or stimulating dissonance.

 The process may involve sanding, scraping, glazing or direct painting. The texture builds up secondarily with the evolving image but it often becomes part of the final composition. I like the complexity of the layers of imagery and I struggle with simplification.

 In one sense abstraction itself is a simplification if one pays attention to just what is on the surface.  However, any mass or line can be animated by my imagination- all sorts of “critters” appear that have stories and create spaces around themselves. My verbal brain works hard to pin down these shape-shifters with names while my critical brain looks for balanced compositions and illusions of space. Working with unresolved forms is, for me, an expression of the fluid nature of the atmosphere through which we move. Ambiguity which invites interpretations and associations seems more life-like to me. 

Stairwell Gallery: Kristborg Whitney

“Light, Color, Currents”

Opening reception

Wednesday, December 12

4:30 - 6:30 PM

Kristborg Whitney was born and raised in Iceland and currently lives and works in Orono, Maine. She spends time in Iceland where she reconnects with her roots and gathers ideas and inspiration for future work and does preliminary sketches for many of her paintings.

Kristborg grew up in a family that strongly encouraged all matters of creativity. She studied art at Reykjavik School of Arts and Crafts and continued her studies in Virginia, California, and Maine.

Kristborg’s work has been shown in Iceland; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Winston-Salem, North Carolina; and Bangor, Trenton, Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Augusta, and Stonington, Maine.

Her work is in private collections in Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, and the United States.

You can follow Kristborg on her Facebook page.

Deighan Wealth Advisors’ Christmas Card Collection 

“Home for the Holidays”

Opening reception

Wednesday, December 12

4:30 - 6:30 PM


This exhibit will feature the original paintings used for our firm holiday cards over the eighteen year period from 2000 to 2018.  The original poems written for the cards (as inspired by the art) as well as the artists’ biographies will be displayed. 

At the opening reception on December 12, Jean Deighan will present the history of her Christmas card collection, how it grew and our intent to support Maine artists through it.  I will also read the poems written for the cards and explain how they were selected and work with each year’s card.