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Why Give?


The Bangor Public Library is an essential piece of our community fabric. An average of 191 people each day will use our computers to connect to the internet, complete important research, and use our software to accomplish their work and studies.  Each day, the Library adds 65 new books and periodicals to our collection and our staff answers over 89 research questions.  In addition, community organizations will hold over 450 meetings this year at the Library, 5,000 adults will attend a library program, and over 500,000 items from the Libraryís collection will be checked out by users. 

Our Library is the finest in Northern New England.  However, we need your help to remain relevant, maintain the largest collection in the region, and serve as a community resource for everyone who uses the Library.  61% of our budget is funded by the City and 26% is provided by income from our endowment.  The rest is generous donations from people like you who are a vital part of keeping our lights on, our Library staffed, and our doors open to the community.

It all started with 7 books in a footlocker so that apprentices could learn and better themselves.  The Bangor Public Library has continued that tradition and remains the communityís primary resource for information, books and nurturing a spirit of personal growth and knowledge.  As an important part of our cultural and community landscape, letís keep the Bangor Public Library open for you, your children and your neighbors.  With your help we can.  Whatever you can do will make a difference, because every dollar counts.

Please contact us to make a gift in support of our Library!
207-947-8336 ext. 128


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